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Working From Panama – the Pros and Cons

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PanamaI’m relatively lucky, my job allows me to travel and work. this has allowed my to travel to cities around the world, while still earning money, which is not a bad gig!

Right now I am sat on a small island called Bastimentos, off the coast of Bocas del Toro in Panama. It has some of the worlds best surfing, sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and more fresh fruit hanging off wild trees than you could ever believe.

It sounds idyllic, and in many ways it is, but there are some problems.

I’m going to start off with the cons first, because I love to end what I write on a positive note!

People are Poor

While most Panamanians are really friendly people, they are also relatively poor. While their government is rich, and provides many amenities, the fact remains, you have to be careful.  Don’t walk around flashing your camera, wallet, or laptop, because there are people who will take advantage.

Things Don’t Always Work

The power and Internet do occasionally go out.  Sometimes its for a few minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes an entire day.  The way of life here is relaxed, people might not be in the same rush you are.


It gets humid in a  lot of Panama, really humid. If you like to work outside be prepared for a little sweat.  The good news is the beach areas are usually pretty fresh, as are the higher areas!

But enough of the negatives, now for the positives!

The Internet!

The Internet in Panama is amazingly fast, and despite the 3rd world feel in many places, you can get Internet practically anywhere, cheap.  It’s kind of strange when you drive past a shanty town, corrugated iron shacks, each one sporting a satellite dish to connect to the countries 4G network!

The Weather

The weather is not always perfect in Panama, the rainy season will see non stop torrential rain all day, nearly every day, for weeks.  When the weather is good however, and during the summer months, it is GOOD, clear blue skies, soft cool winds, and hot weather make working by the beach a solid prospect.

The Location

It’s hard to describe just how beautiful Panama is.  Whether you want a mountain vista, jungle outside your window, or you want to watch the waves crashing on the beach, Panama gives you the ultimate working environment of your dreams. What do you want your ‘office’ to be really?

I am going to take a wild guess here, and say it isn’t a cubicle in some grey tired office.

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