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Three Tips for Kick Ass Local Marketing

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No matter what business you run, you will always find your best customers in the local market. Reaching your local market might seem difficult to begin with, but I’m going to give you three kick ass local marketing tips to absolutely dominate your niche.

Local marketing really is one of the most effective online marketing techniques around right now. You can get a fast, high return for very little investment. You can get known in your community, help spread the word about your business, and get real honest reviews straight to people who are, well, looking for real honest reviews about businesses in your niche.

Best of all, with a little work, your business can stand out form the crowd in a MAJOR way, you can take competition away from your competitors, just by having a bigger dot on a map, and we will show you how.

But tip number one is not directly related to local, it is all about mobile.

Tip 1) Get Mobile

Over 50% of Americans alone now have smart phones.  It might be iPhone or android, but it will be used a certain way.

Smart phone users use their phones for a whole lot of stuff, but the use that is of interest to us marketers is appealing to the user who is looking for something.  In local marketing that is split up in to two categories.  First is Yelp and Google Maps (Which I will go in to later) the second is your website.

If somebody finds your business (Especially restaurants, huge offenders of breaking this rule) on their mobile, there is a high chance they will check out your website.

So say somebody is heading home from work, they decide to pick up a pizza on the way.  They search on Google maps for pizza, they see your take out, it has good reviews, so they visit your website.

They see that nice big menu button, “Lets check it out” they think.  and press it.  Does the menu open?  Chances are – no.

Instead they have to download it.  Now, horror.   The menu which you had designed looked so AWESOME.  But it turns out it was a 10mb download.  no problem on a computer, but on a mobile, it could take over three minutes.  Does this potential customer keep looking, or just go to Pizza Hut.  in this case the customer cancels the download, hell, even if he downloads it, chances are they have no idea how to open it.

Instead they look for your address and phone number, after all, pizza is pizza, you know what toppings you want.  You go back to the homepage, and then you realize, you cant click on the phone number, you can’t copy the address, it’s all in an image.

The user goes back to the Google results, types in Pizza again, and they are just about to click on your listing to get the phone number on Google, when they realize there is another pizza place not so far away.

You would be surprised how often things like this happen.  You have the choice. Do you want to be the person receiving mobile customers, or the one losing them to your competitors.

Tip 2) Get Listed, and Get Reviewed

Make sure you are listed on all the major review and business aggregators.  Google Places, Yelp, Yell, Zagat and so on.  If you want to be found on mobile or the web, you want your local listings to not only be there, but look amazing, and have some fantastic reviews.

Make sure your listings are up to date, contain as much info as possible, and start asking your regular customers to leave some reviews to get things started.

Remember – people are much more likely to leave a  negative review than a positive one, so do everything you can to encourage people to review.

Tip 3) Get Target Customers through PPC

I nearly talked about social for tip 3, and building a social community is important, but in truth, its pretty self explanatory.  Instead, look at Facebook PPC.

Facebook Pay per Click campaigns are awesome.  You can target people who like your competitors, you can target people who work in the building across the road, you can target those people that like your product, you can target people in a certain age group, in a certain location, who like a specific thing.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the new Facebook OpenGraph search, you can niche target down to people in your local area, who want exactly what you have to offer, this even includes Jews who like Bacon – there are a surprising number of people showing up for this.

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