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Three Winter Garden Accessories

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Winter time is fast approaching, and while here in Austin the snow falls lightly, most of the world is slowly becoming covered in a fine white blanket. While this looks festive, it can make your home look just a little bland, and most of your outdoor decoration simply gets covered in a simple white coat.

Not to worry, there are three garden accessories that you can use around the outside of your home that will keep your home looking a little unique against the winter world around it!

Winter is all about those early, long winter evenings. When you are looking for Christmas garden accessories, keep this in mind. Festive Christmas decorations,the glow of Christmas lights and making your home an inviting prospect, not a barrier against the elements.

Christmas Lights

The first way to save a home from looking like a winters grave is to light it up a little. Colorful festive lights can make a huge amount of difference, and turn the cold snow in to a white canvas reflecting and dispersing the glow from the lights you place around your home.

Christmas lights come in more forms than a simple string of colored lights.  Mixtures of colors. shapes of bulbs, decorations and more can adorn your home. Best of all, Christmas lights are incredibly inexpensive. As little as ten dollars can get you a string of lights, and placing these around your home or in the trees can be the perfect start to transforming your winter wasteland in to a wonderland.

The downside of setting up a Christmas light display is that it can be a fairly large amount of work. You can hire people for this, but prepare for it as an added expense if you do!

The variety of Christmas lights available means that it’s easy to keep your home looking unique, especially if your neighbors are setting up decorations of their own!

Solar Powered Path Lights

There might not be a whole lot of sunshine during the winter, but low consumption LED lights can still work well.  Highlighting the path to your door through the snow can be difficult, especially at night, but solar powered lights make it easy. You can get a set of ten solar powered path lights Here for less than forty dollars, but be warned, these do come with a downside.

Solar powered lights need to have direct access to sunlight to their sensors to recharge.  It’s an easy enough job to brush the snow off a few lights, but if it snows near constantly in your region, it might be a little too much hassle.

Decorations and More

Lights by themselves are not always enough, you need to get some decorations set up too.  A good start to this is building a few snowmen, but this s just the start of what you can do!

There are hundreds of outdoor Christmas decorations that you can put up during the festive season to give your winter garden a little extra something. From a blow up Santa to over sized Christmas baubles, you have plenty to choose from, some light up, some don’t, but all of them make your home a little more unique!


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