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How to Write Your First Kindle Book

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The Kindle self publishing craze is fast approaching the end of it’s ‘popular’ lifecycle, all those looking for a quick buck soon became disappointed, and now those who sell marketing techniques, are looking for the next big thing to sell to their customers.

And yet, some people are still making a lot of money through this platform, which gives direct access to one of the worlds most popular e-book readers.

There are plenty of techniques out there to help you earn money on the Kindle store. You can publish a large number of books, you can buy reviews, you can go all out with free promotions.

But all of these techniques fall short, unless you actually have a good book behind them.

Here is the cold hard truth about the kindle store.  The sheer number of ‘bad’ books actually means that people are shying away from ‘indie’ self-publishers.  People spend money on a free book, and the writing is terrible, the plots are thin, and the characters uninteresting.  There are a thousand problems, and no quality control.

That’s why, if you want to be successful, you need to follow some of these simple rules.

1) Get a Second Opinion

Sounds obvious, but many people don’t get past this first step. Talk to your friends about your story, talk to them about the characters, and get them to read the story. A second opinion can help expose gaping holes in your books, uninteresting parts of the story, and point out mistakes.

2) Get an Editor

They cost a bit of money, but they are worth it.  A great editor can really help make sure your story comes across how you want it.  An editor doesn’t just check your work for grammatical errors, they are experienced in turning an amateur writing style in to something engaging and compelling.

3) Revise, and Revise Again

Asking for criticism is one thing, but acting on it is another.  The most important thing here is that you really need to take seriously.  The best critic is someone who will honestly tell you that your story is boring because boring is the worst thing your book can be.

When people talk to you about your writing, don’t get upset, learn from what they say, maybe even try writing a short story focusing entirely on fixing that particular critique.

Before you know it, you can quickly become a successful Kindle author!

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