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How to Write a Blog Post at This is Freelance

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One of the more common questions I get asked by new authors on This is Freelance is how they should write a post.

This sounds like an odd question, but the more I thought about it, the more  thought I could help.

So I spent a little time pulling together the top three things I think make up an amazing blog post, and decided to share them here.

Break Up the Text!

A long wall of text is not appealing to readers.  They get bored quickly, and its not uncommon for visitors to leave a page after just a few seconds if the text itself looks like a chore.  Spend a little time breaking up your text so it is a little easier on the eyes. There are a few ways to do this, and you might have noticed I have used some already.

  • Use headings, and subheadings
  • Use bullets and numbered lists
  • Don’t underestimate the use of ‘white space’
  • Use bold and emphasis if you have a long but important sentence

It might seem simple enough, but some small changes can vastly improve the engagement of your article.

Use at Least One Picture

Use An ImageYou should always go a little further than just text in your article, include a picture too.  Adding a picture can take just a few minutes, and yet it can have a huge impact on the success of an article.

Just a few of the benefits include…

  • It catches the readers eye
  • Your post is more likely to gather traffic from the front page (Thumbnails will appear)
  • You are more likely to have a featured post
  • Images will often draw organic traffic from Google Image Search
  • It helps keep readers engaged
  • A picture can convey a thousand words, but it can also make 400 words worth 4000, use it to enhance your article.

Love What You Write

Is that vague? Maybe, but the Internet doesn’t need another four hundred words of waffle.  Re-read every article you write, are you engaged, do you think someone will learn something?  Articles that provide value are worth their weight in gold.

Do you want to write gold, or do you want to add more sewage to the cesspit?

Help keep This is Freelance a high quality website by writing engaging content that really does provide value to somebody who might find it, not only will the visitor be happy, but its more likely to be shared and rank than something that instantly turns a reader off.

Follow these tips…

And before you know it you will find yourself writing successful articles on This is Freelance that bring you traffic, earn you money, and give you a warm feeling inside!

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