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I’ve just recently joined This is Freelance and I’ve got to tell you, I’m very excited about this move. In the past I’ve “worked” for a content farm, but over time the writer policies have changed even though the quality of my content hasn’t.

I’ve been writing technical articles for the non-technical reader for four years. I’ve had pretty good success in this. One of my articles, on how to paint plastics, has had over one hundred seventy thousand (178,000) reads. Not bad for such an obscure topic.

My focus throughout the years has been three-fold.

Articles on health sciences, being the discoveries and research that eventually lead to new treatments, therapies, and drugs. These articles include information on new drugs and how they work. Also, discoveries in brain science, specifically how understanding of the human brain has changed over time and how those views can lead  to discoveries and breakthroughs in therapy and treatment.

Along with these topics I also write do-it-yourself articles on creating objects from readily available materials. This includes composite materials the home hobbyist can acquire relatively cheaply which can be combined to create new objects or repair existing objects. I’m particularly fond of fiber-glass, a composite that is over seventy years old now, but capable of being the basis of object that last at least seventy years, if not longer, if properly constructed.

Articles in this DIY category not only explain step-by-step instructions on how to create these objects, but also information on possible costs to the hobbyist, the time it takes to create these objects, the working conditions (temperature and atmospheric conditions), and steps to protect and beautify those objects once created.

Finally, I also write about cooking, but with a more scientific bent. The idea here is not only share a favored dish, but explain why and how it works.

Though I pride myself on being able to convey technical information in a non-technical, non-threatening manner, I’m open to criticism. My aim, and I’m not always completely successful, is to make jargon and techno-babble understandable to everyone. Being human though I don’t always succeed and that’s where I hope you, the reader, can help me attain clarity.

For that reason I hope any future comments from my readers point out any of the more difficult to understand passages so I can make them clearer.


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