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How I Found an Affordable Wrought Iron Bench for Our Patio

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wrought iron benchWhen my husband and I moved into our new home, we were thrilled that we would have an outdoor space. As you can see from the photograph to the left we live quite near our neighbors. So the first thing that we did was to plant a hedge to both define the space and give us some privacy. Then we had to decide on what type patio furniture we wanted to invest in. We both work and don’t have much time to spend on home maintenance. So we opted to invest in wrought iron outdoor furniture. Our thinking was that we’d fix it up once and then we’d be good to go for many years. The cost is a concern for us, but we can be very creative. We found the wrought iron bench to the left at a yard sale for $25. The homeowners really just wanted it gone. I’ve offered $10 and to my amazement they said fine. Yes, it is beat up and needs cleaning and painting. But that’s not hard to do.

Cleaning wrought iron patio furniture just takes a little patience. First I took a pail and filled it with warm water and a strong anti-grease dishwasher liquid. I used a strong wash cloth and carefully cleaned all of the nooks and crannies. It had been years since it had been cleaned. So after it dried, I could see some spots that still needed to be cleaned again. This time I took a spray bottle filled with the dishwasher liquid. The second time did the trick. But as you can see we need to paint it as well.

The cleaning unearthed some rust spots that I will have to scrape down with steel wool. Then I’ll use a spray can of paint and turn it into a beautiful black wrought iron bench. Normally we’d take the furniture apart. But after looking at the bolts and screws, we’d ruin it if we tried that. So the next step will be to paint it. Then I’ll find a pretty cushion or make one. I’m thrilled to have found this wrought iron bench so easily. It’s inspired me to be on the hunt for more wrought iron patio furniture.

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