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Things have been a little quiet over here the last few months, but on the run up to Christmas we would love to help you all make a little extra cash, and we have this awesome platform to work on! If you are interested in Joining This is Freelance the first thing we look for [...]

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What to Do When in a Car Accident – Why You Need an Attorney
October 3, 2014 – 1:39 am | Comments Off

DCIM100SPORTIt is vital to know what to do when in a car accident. Car and auto accidents happen!  I learned the hard way. I was driving along minding my own business and abiding the law when a commercial truck failed to notice he was driving full speed in the slow off ramp. He rear-ended me while I was moving at a crawling speed. The damage done when I was in a car accident is shown  in the images included with this article. The practical need for an attorney should be the foremost “private” thought on the mind of anyone in a car accident because you may not be able to handle things yourself, insurance attorneys are ruthless and you no doubt have a personal injury case worth fighting and winning.  Face it, these things get intense once the insurance attorneys surface and they will. They began calling me the day I returned home after spending 8 day in the trauma unit and I was in no condition to talk to them nor did I want to.  Do you think they knew this and were possibly pouncing on me taking advantage of this fact?

Car crashes are among the worst events any of us can image and most none of us reacts in a calm cool and collective manner when it comes to telling our side of the story.  The average person is not prepared to go toe to toe with fancy in your face opposing insurance attorneys.  The first thing anyone injured by the negligence or fault of another driver should do, after receiving immediate medical care, is call a good attorney. This will avoid costly mistakes and the stress and aggravation of dealing with a pushy legal staff out to pay you as little as possible.

How to Handle the Scene When in an Car Accident

Anytime you are involved in an automobile accident remember try to remain as calm as possible, understand you are shaken from the event and it is okay.  The time of the accident is not the time to settle the details of the incident; you will not be in any condition to get the facts clear and detailed. You have more than enough time to do so later.  You will need to give the police as much information as possible. Explain it was not your fault; the other car hit you. However, do so in as few clear and concise words as possible. Some of the immediate effects of brain trauma, due to an auto accident, are loss of consciousness sometimes lasting seconds, minutes or hours, changes in breathing pattern often mistaken for panic, confusion and changes in motor functions. All of these conditions are easily confused with stress and panic and yet are real physical effects of injuries sustained in car accidents.

How to Win a Personal injury Case When in an  Car Accident

To help build a sound case when in a car accident, make sure someone you trust arrives to take pictures of the scene, the damages to your car and the other drivers. If not they can do so later at the impound lot. Do not hesitate most insurance companies are extremely quick to move them off the lot. My car left the lot in three days.  It is important to collect as much evidence as possible. My 13-year-old daughter took the pictures of my care with her cell phone when she went to the impound lot with her Dad to collect my belongings. If she had not done that, we would not have a very powerful tool.  There were no other pictures taken on the scene, these pictures were vital to my case as you can imagine. IMAG0059 (1)

Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Columbus Ohio When in an Car Accident

My sister researched to find a good attorney who handled trucking accidents and found an advocate for those injured from all sorts of accidents. David Bressman is a smart, hardworking Dad; down to earth and has won countless verdicts.  I hired him and found myself doing nothing but concentrating on healing and family, he did the rest. He is eager to go to court and Insurance attorneys know it therefore work to reach fair settlements. David has a reputation for being a legal genius who leaves no stone-unturned and one who fights hard for his clients. I was lucky to find David Bressman an advocate for safer highways and roads everywhere. He helped me get my life back. My story will continue, there is much more to share and I will as I want to make the common folk like myself aware of what happens and can happen when you are in a car accident and are injured by the negligence of another driver.  Stayed tuned…Knowledge is EMPOWERING!

Financial fraud should be kept out of your portfolio
May 5, 2014 – 2:22 pm | No Comment
Financial fraud should be kept out of your portfolio

Financial fraud comes in many forms; from mortgage scams, investment fraud, credit card fraud, predatory lending, tax fraud to Ponzi schemes.  Many times a person does not know or realize they were hit with fraud until it is to late.  The Financial Fraud Research Center reports that each year over 30 million consumers are defrauded [...]

Plan B contraceptive, questionable safety for children
November 4, 2013 – 8:37 pm | No Comment
Plan B contraceptive, questionable safety for children

In April of this year, 2013, Federal Judge Edward Korman ordered the Food and Drug Administration to allow emergency contraception, Plan B, to be sold over-the-counter.  In June 2013 the Obama administration ended the age restriction, allowing girls of any age to purchase Plan B without a prescription. ABC News reported:  “Health and Human Services [...]

4 Organizational Tips For Working At Home
August 20, 2013 – 10:48 pm | Comments Off

Working from home can be stressful, challenging, and, sometimes, very boring. Without the constant motivation that working in a physical office gives you, you can lose your will to write and writer’s block can ensue. However, you can take certain steps in order to prevent yourself from being distracted. By modifying your work environment and [...]

Health and medical field benefit from 3D printing
June 6, 2013 – 9:26 pm | 2 Comments
Health and medical field benefit from 3D printing

The business of 3D printing or addictive manufacturing is navigating the manufacturing industry into the future.  The technology has provoked a big impact on the health and medical field as scientists use the 3-D printing technology to create innovative materials designed not only to change, but in some cases sustain life for the patients of [...]

Villas In Javea and The Benefits of Retiring or Vacationing In Costa Blanca
March 21, 2013 – 10:35 am | Comments Off
Villas In Javea and The Benefits of Retiring or Vacationing In Costa Blanca

Javea is a coastal town located in the shadow of the Montgo mountain in southern Spain, it is a popular tourist destination in Northern Costa Blanca because of its unspoiled golden beaches, glorious weather and also its cultural experience. While Costa Blanca has a booming nightlife and is popular among the younger generation because Benidorm is close [...]

SimCity 5 (2013) The Most Surprising Gaming Flop of the Year
March 13, 2013 – 4:00 am | Comments Off
SimCity 5 (2013) The Most Surprising Gaming Flop of the Year

When I first heard about the first new version of SimCity in a decade, you would not believe how excited I was. When I played the beta, things just got better, the new road layouts and the ‘living sims’ seemed to hold a vast amount of promise. So as the release date drew near, I [...]

How to Write a Blog Post at This is Freelance
February 20, 2013 – 1:57 am | Comments Off
How to Write a Blog Post at This is Freelance

One of the more common questions I get asked by new authors on This is Freelance is how they should write a post. This sounds like an odd question, but the more I thought about it, the more  thought I could help. So I spent a little time pulling together the top three things I think [...]

Three Tips for Kick Ass Local Marketing
January 24, 2013 – 4:29 pm | Comments Off

No matter what business you run, you will always find your best customers in the local market. Reaching your local market might seem difficult to begin with, but I’m going to give you three kick ass local marketing tips to absolutely dominate your niche. Local marketing really is one of the most effective online marketing [...]

How to Write Your First Kindle Book
January 13, 2013 – 2:29 am | Comments Off

The Kindle self publishing craze is fast approaching the end of it’s ‘popular’ lifecycle, all those looking for a quick buck soon became disappointed, and now those who sell marketing techniques, are looking for the next big thing to sell to their customers. And yet, some people are still making a lot of money through this platform, [...]

Diabetics require special attention to skin care
January 4, 2013 – 2:01 am | 2 Comments
Diabetics require special attention to skin care

Being a diabetic requires you to pay special attention to skin care.  As a diabetic, you are highly susceptible to skin disorders and infections.  Fortunately, with special care, most skin conditions can be prevented or easily treated.  High glucose levels can lead to dry skin which can lead to bacterial infections if care is not [...]


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